Book signing at "Women of Color" event!

Book signing at “Women of Color” event!

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In confrontation 9, Dilshad Dayani makes a persuasive case on how culture can fog the idea of meaningful success and create unconscious bias towards one’s identity.

More often than not, our busy lives constrain us, societal norms and ideals dictate our thoughts and behavior, and cultural values limit our world view. Confrontation 9 aims to provide you with a compelling and practical tool kit so you can craft a concrete roadmap, address grey areas of your value systems, process logical solutions to everyday challenges, identify unconscious roadblocks of conditioning and stop the negative narration which lead to self-limiting talks and lack of energy.

Dayani’s message is one that every man, woman, boy and girl should hear – she explores the cultural perspective of success – questioning culture, customs, norms, traditions and unwarranted conformity despite media pressure, societal challenges and drive for approval. She lays the foundation of how genders define success and how culture influences those ideas as we form our value systems.

As the President and Founder of the World Women Global Council, she has witnessed first-hand how women have compromised their success while giving in to traditions and customs. You will learn how to identify your own culture map based on your redefinition of values. You will develop the clarity to confront the long-standing assumptions about the value of conformity. You will gain confidence to change the narratives to thrive beyond the pre-established cultural and societal standards. Confrontation 9 will generate in you the conviction to open your mind to new and diverse concepts of success.

Dilshad has explored the connection between why you think and the way you think in the everyday cycle. The book offers simple strategies that will help you identify your inner roadblocks, motivate you to action, and in the process, help you to empower others and leave your legacy. Take away powerful cognitive tools, discover the benefits of questioning, and bring joy and enrichment to your everyday lives.

In this straight talk from the heart, Dilshad brings her candid approach as a mother, diversity and leadership trainer and an active women’s rights activist to address life’s challenges, drawing from research in intuition, visualization, gender views on success, compassion, women’s place and culture. You will acquire tools to build a confident self, a nonconformist mindset, reclaim your true and unique worth and give your spirit the makeover of a lifetime. Personal fulfilment is yours for the taking!

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“Confrontation 9” is a self-challenging genre – Dilshad offers a thought-provoking   approach to success, gender perspective and practical insight, questioning conformity amidst globalization of cultural values. A great read for meaningful lives.

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

“It is  an invaluable harvest of practical insights on gender gap, success and conformity. It challenges the readers to reflect on their everyday cultural practices and question the norm to find their true happiness. Dilshad’s work has always been an affirming message of self-worth and change.

Dr. Nafis Sadik –Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General–First female director of a United Nations agency. “One of the most powerful women in the world” (London Times).

“Dilshad Dayani has learned the power of asking for what she wants, expecting the universe to deliver it, and sharing her blessings with others.  Her book presents her global perspective and illustrates her earnest commitment to self-empowerment. Her words inspire, inform and impact life styles.

Mary Anne Howland—Founder, President & Chief Excitement Officer, Ibis Communications, Inc. Founder & CEO, Global Diversity Leadership Exchange

“A book of great inspiration and insight on conformity to cultural values. It engages and empowers the reader with the human spirit to redefine his or her own unique Vision of Success and the pathway to make that Vision a reality.

Bill Wallace, Founder of Success North Dallas and Chairman & CEO at Wallace Companies, Inc.

“All readers, whatever their cultural views, will find much to stimulate their thinking in this book. The everyday nature of conformity paradigm provokes both thought and emotion for questioning the norms. Good educational perspective for our youth to become reflective, observant, introspective—to one day become the professionals of their dreams”.

Keith Novick, Chairman of the Hedge Fund Association(HFA) academic advisory board

Book Launch at the UN 2014

Book Launch at the UN 2014

Chicago Radio Interview

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson endorses Dilshad’s book…

Speaker and Presenter Best Seller “Confrontation 9”

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