Richard Turner

University Hiring Manager at IBM

Dilshad worked with IBM as a consultant for new university hires during a ‘Communications Camp’. She coached our employees to improve their written and presentation skills through role play exercises. Her leadership experience and insight helped ingrain individual excellence when communicating in client situations. Her sensitivity to the diversity of our audience was vital to creating effective, perceptual improvements for each person she interacted with. She is a dedicated, driven professional and it was my privilege to work with her.

Matt Schechter

National Sales Director at San Diego Tourism Authority

I had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Dilshad at the United Nations while producing an event with the World Women Global Council. Her passion and dedication for important causes such as gender equality and empowerment for women around the world was truly inspiring. Her leadership helped bring together panel was filled with some of the most distinguished leaders in this space and I am confident that many attendees left the UN that day inspired and excited to make a positive difference.

Anupam Satyasheel

Entrepreneur with expertise in Advisory, Capital Raising, M&A, Strategy and Operational Efficiency

Dilshad is highly motivated and energetic in her pursuit of social alleviation. She has demonstrated a penchant for her social vision through a relentless pursuit of an agenda that is effective in achieving measurable social objectives. In my interactions with Dilshad, I have found her committed, reliable and enterprising. Her ability to deliver on her initiatives is impressive and exemplary.

Conrad Ornstein

CEO of North Texas Council

Dilshad has worked with me as a volunteer for the North Texas Council for International visitors under the State Department as both a professional resource, speaking authoritatively and eloquently on the many issues and challenges faced by new American women, and as a programmer for the organization, putting together professional visitor programs for visitors on subjects as diverse as Domestic Abuse and Violence, Women as Institutional Change Agents, and Trafficking in Persons. Dilshad’s knowledge of these areas, and her contacts throughout the North Texas community, have resulted in the opportunity for current and emerging foreign leaders sent to the U.S. under the auspices of the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program to meet with local experts in these fields, building new professional relationships and helping to foster international understanding.

North Texas is always one of several stops on these short term professional visits. These programs normally take several weeks to put together, assembling local experts to meet with our visitors and attending to the many logistical challenges involved. Dayani has helped us put together some exceptional programs, including one that had to be organized in the space of two days for a visitor group redirected from New York City following Hurricane Sandy. We could not have made this happen without her subject-matter expertise, her diplomatic and organizational skills, and her very substantial efforts.

Barry Elias

Economic Policy Analyst, Economist and Journalist

Newsmax Contributor and Newsmax Financial Brain Trust Participant; Economic Consultant to Dick Morris (former advisor to President Clinton), Former Consultant to Oppenheimer Capital, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of New York, and Mellon Bank

During the two years that I have known Dilshad, she has repeated demonstrated a highly admirable, principled, and authentic persona and work ethic. Her overarching vision is to motivate and empower others, especially those in disadvantaged communities, to realize their true potential psychologically, emotionally, socially, and financially.

She presents and articulates her message masterfully: a confluence of humility, compassion, intellect, and insight. She is a true inspiration for immigrant women who struggle to make an impact.

Dipesh Patel

Director – Information Systems Security & Compliance – Builders FirstSource

I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Dilshad on her radio program several times. Additionally, we worked together as Board members for DFW International Community Alliance. Dilshad is successful in all of her aspirations because of her bountiful energy and genuine motivation to help others. She is able to relate to all people from all walks of life and with diverse backgrounds. Her dynamic and uplifting personality it truly admirable.Her care and support of multiple social causes is inspiring. I welcome any opportunity to work with Dilshad.