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Leadership Trainer

Dilshad speaking at the Global Diversity and Leadership Exchange at the UN – Click here to view

Dilshad is a leadership trainer and a motivational speaker who delivers a strong message of diversity, gender empowerment and forward-thinking success strategies. She is a faculty  at Columbia University. She has also taught in Southern Methodist University, Texas Women’s University and Georgetown University ((Washington)

Our Keynotes to Seminars and Leadership Training Topics (Contact us):

A collaboration of global cultural research is the foundation for Dilshad Dayani’s Lead2Empower Institute which delivers the vital training, mindset-shifts, and timely solutions organizations from the corporate world all the way to academia need to transform their students and teams to work together in ways that are more productive, competitive, cohesive and creative. From the board room, to the classroom, to families and individuals – her training delivers practical culture friendly tools and strategies that help people from all walks of life- discover and align their key values, visions, and purposes. She leaves you with solutions to build an environment culturally conducive that can expand and grow exponentially. We “make real positive change happen” by providing people with both continuing and transformational growth through e-learning, webinars, tele-seminars and in-person coaching.

Speaking at the National Women's Council on Culture Narratives and Gender Equality.

Speaking at the National Women’s Council on Culture Narratives and Gender Equality.

Dilshad Dayani’s Most Requested Topics:

Power of Communication and Gender Equity

Women constitute the majority of the students enrolled in colleges and universities. Questions of how communication competence relates to gendered expectations in career choices and workplaces. Overt attention to gender norms, patterns, and outcomes can help students understand and evaluate the gendered expectations found in all sources, academic, social and cultural and how these attitudes affect their communication and (hence) their lives.

How can we turn traditional technology into tools of mass empowerment?

The different mediums of traditional technology can be redefined and their role could serve as a tool for the rapid diffusion of messages. We can harness new ideas and techniques on health, nutrition, family planning and other social and cultural issues. Combined with other media, it can be used for training and the transfer of technologies. This course gives a very positive premise for young change makers who are experimenting with social change and reality space. It can promote dialogue and debate on the major issues and an engaging platform for women’s needs, opinions and aspirations with external partners such as national policy-makers and development planners. Learn the art to market and negotiate your tool for social change.

The Non-Conformist Mindset to Redefine a New Paradigm of Success

In Dilshad’s signature talk, audiences learn the intuitive and powerful tools for redesigning, recreating, and reinvesting in their lives. From asking questions to challenging their inner culture of comfort zone. How can one create value that is both meaningful and extends a sustainable premise which promotes inner well-being? What 5 tools are essential for women to operate from the principle of efficiency rather than deficiency? Learn to code Success on your terms. Contact us today to experience the strategies and insights that can take lives from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY.

How to Balance 21st Century Productivity with Well Being

Ours is a 24/7 world where the pressure’s on and the productivity vital. However, history proves that lives lived out of balance for too long have the exact opposite effect. Ready to create a team of people who not only work at a high capacity but live enriched full lives that allow them to empower each other, think more expansively, create inspired solutions, and lead your organization in your marketplace? Invite Dilshad to share how at your next event!

How to Tap Into the Power of Personal Productivity

An audience favorite. With passion and purpose, Dilshad teaches people to unlock the power within themselves to manifest their greatness and true potential BOTH at work and at home and mastering the personal productivity they are capable of. They’ll never look at the work and life balance equation again the same way! Contact her today to learn why!

How to Build Contagious Leadership for Sustained Growth

A winning attitude can turn around an entire organization and it all starts with LEADERSHIP. In this exciting and engaging session, learn the powerful keys to creating a positive attitude in your company culture that builds top talent and cohesive teams — and how to keep it that way! Call Dilshad today to learn how!

Creating Extraordinary Results in Challenging Times

In this insightful session, Dr. Dayani takes the audience members through the tools and strategies they need to best understand and use the power of a meaning versus material mindset. They’ll learn to redefine value, re-think life choices and mindsets, and re-tool their activities and actions to build an incredibly fulfilling and meaningful life. It’s an experience they’ll never forget. Learn more today.

All Keynotes & Topics Can be Customized to Suit Your Event’s Goals & Needs.

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Our Holistic Diversity Power Talks

  • Cultural Competencies and Organizational Productivity Indicators.
  • Women Can Change Business
  • Why Women fear Mentorship
  • Communicate for Global Success
  • Media Literacy
  • Individual performance & fulfillment
  • Does technology Breed Relationship issues
  • Assessing your potential and establishing life goals

We believe that “diversity” refers to the wide array of biological, personal, cultural, and organizational differences that exist among people. Diversity is the “noun” which describes the differences that exist in an organization. Inclusion is the “verb” that refers to the actions that must occur to create an inclusive work environment. Cultural Competencies refer to the skills that are required on a daily basis to manage the subtle barriers that differences create in every organization. If these differences are understood and accepted, managed effectively and leveraged, the power of diversity will be experienced in measurable bottom line results.

Parent Coaching Information, Services and Support Group Sessions

Our Events provide staff development, custom teacher trainings and corporate child and family workshops. Dilshad provides resources and decision-making strategies to parents by helping them manage corporate roles and quality time strategy development to ensure a balanced life for themselves and their children.

We offer one-on-one coaching for the following:

  • Basic 5 point Family Health Indicator
  • Mindfulness practice for the family/ individual to love and laugh more. (Anxiety reduction tools)
  • Healthy Marriage Communication
  • Parenting Tools for Healthy Balance: How Much Technology is Enough?
  • Parenting with Love and Logic: Tools for Every Age
  • Pressure and Parenting Stress: A Guide for Creating a Lifetime of Positive Memories
  • Laughing Your Way to Better Parenting: Problem Solving for Living with Children
  • Powerful Parenting – A 3-Part Seminar: The Parent Progress Card, Personal Strengths, & Problem Solving
  • Powerful Parenting Survival Strategies

Ready to bring the RIGHT tools and training to your next audience? Contact Dilshad Dayani today.

Partial Client List

  • Art of Living Foundation (US & India)
  • Turkish Council For Women (UAE)
  • National Practical Parent conference Parish Global Academy
  • Columbia University St. John University
  • IBM
  • North Texas International Council
  • New America Media Verizon
  • South East Asian Chamber of Commerce
  • Manhattan Ville College
  • Princeton University
  • Verizon
  • Women’s International Network Dallas Association of Parenting Afghanistan Association of Advocates
  • Latin America Entrepreneurs
  • South Asian Media
  • Jewish Family Services New York University Global kappa delta pi Texas Diversity Council National Women’s Council Ismaili Women’s Group
  • International Television NY
  • Radio Asia
  • Southern Methodist University

Dilshad speaking at the Harvard business club NYCDilshad speaking at the Harvard business club NYC Sept 2016 on the importance of female leadership and impact global economies.