ABCD, Asian Born/Cute/Confident/Confused Desi

This Segment brings some enlightening arguments on how immigrants “Desis”
are trying to balance both cultures in this country and in this process what mistakes are made and credited to presrvation of values.How do we think the youth and parents could interact, communicate and be friends and at the same time achieve the win,win situation.Do you see this in your lives or in your families …then stay tuned for some aggressive notes …I mean on vocal level as Dilshad brings another encounter to discover the feelings that we may fear to talk about with Dr. Mehta. They take us on a journey where revisiting our thoughts and understanding our rigid opinions becomes easier, friendly and funny to absorb.Come to enjoy the rhythm with Dilshad and Dr.Vijay Mehta.
Dilshad:email to share feedback or an opinion…love to hear from you…
Dr. Mehta or Vijay Uncle

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