In confrontation 9, Dilshad Dayani makes a persuasive case on how culture can fog the idea of meaningful success and create unconscious bias towards one’s identity. More often than not, our busy lives constrain us, societal norms and ideals dictate our thoughts and behavior, and cultural values limit our world view. Confrontation 9 aims to provide you with a compelling and practical tool kit so you can craft a concrete roadmap, address grey areas of your value systems, process logical solutions to everyday challenges, identify unconscious roadblocks of conditioning and stop the negative narration which lead to self-limiting talks and lack of energy.

Projects & Initiatives

Our Projects and Initiatives from 1992 – Present have primarily focused on gender equity and family empowerment. There is much-needed political representation of our youth and young women. WWGC aims to continue empowering through education, media advocacy, proactive health interventions, entrepreneur and leadership skills, along with resource access using multimodal approaches. The 2015 STEM leadership and Microfinance Initiative in South Asia brought good outcomes in partnership with Asia Initiatives (NY).

Leadership Trainer/Speaker

Dilshad is a leadership trainer and a motivational speaker who delivers a strong message of diversity, gender empowerment and forward-thinking success strategies. We custom design diverse range of topics that will create a lasting impression for your audience. Book your next session now !

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